Holiday Lights

Christmas lights and Holiday Lights

IMAG0151-1We at Superior Windows specialize in creative and unique designs that light up all of your celebrations – the Christmas and holiday season, of course, but also special events. We will give you that special look year round!

We started with residential Christmas lighting installation and still revel in the opportunity to design and install Christmas and holiday light displays for you and your family. All of our designs promise to bring that cheer and warmth to all of your holiday celebrations!

We’ve also illuminated all sorts of commercial properties – hotels, restaurants, plazas, malls, car dealerships…the list goes on! – giving our clients that eye-catching display for the holiday season.

The holiday season is not our only season, though. Superior Windows can come to your celebrations in July too! We are there to do lighting installation for your weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, and many other functions and events. Just give us a call and we will be glad to make your celebrations unforgettable!

Our many years of experience have taught us that the best business offers a full-service approach to customer service. You leave the work to us: we guarantee the quality of all of our work in one easy price – installation, materials, removal, and regular maintenance. Our goal is simple – to give you a wonderful display within your schedule and without a single concern on your part!

IMAG0118IMAG0121 Residential Lighting

We realize that every house is unique our designs always reflect the spirit that you want to bring out in your home. We always work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction during this special season.

Installation services begin on October 15, when our crews head out across the nation and put up your lights! All lights remain powered off until Thanksgiving (unless you prefer to turn them on sooner). After your big feast, we come back, put the final touches to the design and set all of the timers. Stay out until dark that night – you won’t want to miss your home’s first night lit up!

Commercial Lighting
Experience in the industry has taught us a thing or two about holiday lighting. We’ve worked on designs for all types of properties – from homeowner associations to car dealerships, from shopping malls to resort hotels – giving them designs that shine through in the holiday season! All of our products are commercial grade and industrial strength and are capable in the most demanding displays. We always place our lights on digital timers to ensure that your have easy control.

In addition, many properties have found that our designs look just as good in July (although it’s probably a good idea to take down Santa and his reindeer!). Just ask us to keep the lights up and we will maintain them all year long!

We work very closely with many homeowner associations, as our clients want not only their homes, but also their neighborhoods lit up. There’s something especially festive in enjoying holiday lighting and decoration within your community. And what’s more, many HOAs continue to use Santa’s Helpers outside of the holiday season, for their events throughout the year.